Šibenik is a charming old city located in the heart of Dalmatia and has become a top tourist destination recently.

The city features two UNESCO heritage sites, a mediterranian style old town, several fortresses, Game of Thrones locations, nice beaches and preserved nature all around. 

The city stretches along the estuary of the Krka river and St Anthony Channel with the island archipelago in the distance. The medieval town center is a well-preserved urbanscape of graceful squares and winding stone streets that climb up to three hilltop fortresses.

There are tons of things to do in Sibenik but by far the most magnificent sight is the the Cathedral of St James (Sv Jakov), a World Heritage Site. It's worth a detour just to see it. Another World Heritage Site is the St.Nicholas fort just out of town that is being spruced up and readied for visits.


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